Stuck in a Rut!

Ruts…they are the evidence of a frequently traveled route. For whatever the reasons this section of the trail is traveled the most. It is considered the safest route by many. However, with each pass over the same route, the rut becomes deeper. It is natural when in a rut to maintain the speed and a pre-determined direction. As you try again and again to get out, maintaining your speed, the rut keeps you more confined.

Maybe, you are in a rut, desperately trying to get out and take the path less traveled. You might feel overwhelmed, confused, or worse, like a failure (which clearly you are not!). Perhaps, you just feel stuck with what to do or discouraged.

I believe, normal is living in the world others create for you. Extraordinary is living in the world you create for yourself. While you are in the rut, what others created for you, your desire is to be forging your own path.

You can either;

Option 1: Stay in the rut,
Option 2: Power through the rut, risking major structural damage,
Option 3: Stop, dig a trench out of the rut, replacing the material removed back into the rut. Then taking it slowly up and out of the rut.


Digging out of the rut is simple, it just takes work. At Klar, Inc., we will help you develop clear actionable steps.

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