There Is Stress on This Vine

It is true! I enjoy an excellent glass of wine. Not just any wine though. Merlot is at the top of the list.

While in California for a client, I was treated to a day trip to Sonoma for a day of wine tasting. A soggy day of bouncing from one winery to the next. (Such a great day, regardless of the rain). We visited one of the oldest family owned winery in the States and also a smaller, modern winery.

The question was raised at the smaller winery as to what makes a high quality bottle of wine?

A smaller yield is produced when there is stress on the vine. Stresses including extreme summer heat, flooding, fires, and drought. With the smaller yield, the grapes possess a higher concentrate of flavor, thus producing a higher quality wine.

I am reminded of Christ using the analogy of the vine. Abiding in the vine brings forth much fruit. Even though not exactly the same, I will take a cue from Him.

Perhaps, the stresses of life is exactly what is needed. It may produce a smaller yield, yet higher quality YOU. There is encouragement in knowing a season of stress doesn’t kill the vine, it just creates higher quality. I’m down for that!