Clarity to a Brilliant Idea

The other day a realtor reached out to discuss filming multiple 1 – 2 minute videos for Facebook. As she was explaining the concept for the videos; interviewing local business owners, it quickly became evident the idea was deeper than she was revealing. Her idea was brilliant; however, I wasn’t so sure she knew the fullness of her idea. I had to bring a little clarity by simplicity to her vague idea. Simply, her idea was to connect the home buyer to neighborhood businesses!

When looking to buy a house, first-time buyer or not, at the core you are looking for a house to become a home. A place to relax, to start a family, be near places you love. Her idea tapped into this need of changing a house into a home by stretching her reach into local businesses.

If you are like me, there are local businesses that I visit consistently. Whether a coffee shop, restaurant, petrol station, grocery store, etc. (fill in your favorite spot). The employees that I see regularly become acquainted with me. Smiles are shared and they show interest in how the day is going. As I continue to come more consistently, I become known to the employees as a regular.

So back to the realtor…

With her brilliant idea to connect home buyers to local businesses, I wasn’t to confident she could sustain creating the well-produced videos both financially and consistently. The hunt was on for a medium to share this idea that allowed her to build engagement, remain consistent, and not invest thousands of dollars to accomplish the idea. Blog posts with highlights shared on social media became the medium.

One example, a new house listing became available near a local family owned pizza shop, the walk only 5 – 10 minutes from the front door. The next steps for the realtor?

Step One: Reach out to the family owned pizza shop, sharing the goal of connecting their business with the future home buyer. Request an interview, to be audio recorded on the realtor’s phone, discussing their business ’history, mission, pizza style (thin crust, deep dish) and flavors. Then seeing if they would give a coupon for one free pizza to the new home buyer. Take some pictures of the pizza shop to share on social media.

Step Two: Write a quick blog post sharing the family owned pizza shop along with highlights to share on social media. Don’t forget the pictures.

Step Three: When future home buyer becomes the buyer moving into the home, give them the coupon for the free pizza and encourage them to share their experience online.

If the home buyer enjoys the pizza, then the pizza shop has gained a regular customer, the home buyer is turning the neighborhood into their home not just the house, and the realtor has succeeded in connect the buyer with local businesses, transferring just a house into a home.