Stuck in a Rut!

Ruts…they are the evidence of a frequently traveled route. For whatever the reasons this section of the trail is traveled the most. It is considered the safest route by many. However, with each pass over the same route, the rut becomes deeper. It is natural when in a rut to maintain the speed and a […]

Weathering the Storm

I am always curious, asking sometimes the most ridiculous of questions. On this rainy morning, one of those ridiculous questions has caused me to ponder a deeper significance. I was watching the weather map and the direction the rain storm was traveling. The map remained still showing the storm in motion. But we are on […]

Clarity to a Brilliant Idea

The other day a realtor reached out to discuss filming multiple 1 – 2 minute videos for Facebook. As she was explaining the concept for the videos; interviewing local business owners, it quickly became evident the idea was deeper than she was revealing. Her idea was brilliant; however, I wasn’t so sure she knew the […]